Jockey Wheels - Which Is the most effective for My Van?

It was only today that a customer asked me about jockey wheel replacement as his 1 week old van had a broken jockey wheel (JW) and also it was not covered by the manufacturer.

It is fairly hard to define the distinctions without being able to supply a picture. From my study these are the major kinds available in Australia.

The Economy design Jockey Wheel:

· has a 150-265mm size or 6 inch solid rubber wheel fitted with a quick release clamp type brace.

· This brace enables height change and also very easy application as well as removal of the JW.

· The clamp screws to the drawbar.

· The strong rubber wheels are fitted with a nylon bush

· Ranked at an ability of 350kg

· Has a 220mm lift

A variation of this style is a swivel brace which can be bolted to the drawbar or fitted utilizing either u bolts or bonded on is suggested. The benefit of this, is that the JW be stored alongside the drawbar which is fit for travelling. Additionally, there is no requirement to remove it from the trailer.

The JW with a pneumatically-driven tyre are:

· springtime packed with a double lock pin for safety and security.

· JW with pneumatically-driven tyre features sphere bearings

· Are rated at 120kg and also have exact same lift 220mm.

Another variant is the solid pneumatic tire which rates better at 350kg and also 220mm lift.

We now get involved in the Costs style JW which supply functions like:

· Folding manage

· All components are galvanized

· Installing brackets are durable

When hauling and also a.

· Double lock pin is fitted for safety, · Swivel brace enables the JW to be folded up away.

· Includes a chassis brace which allows the JW to be bonded, bolted or u-bolted to the trailer draw bar.

· Rated at 350kg capability.

· 250mm lift.

· 150mm solid wheel rubber tire.

There are variations on the above which are:.

200 (which is the circumference of the wheel) x 50mm (size) solid tire,.

250 x 50mm sturdy strong wheel as well as tire.

260 x 80 mm wheel.

As well as 350 x 4 inch pneumatically-driven tyre.

If one can manage it then the flexible locking pin swivel brace (3.3 kg) is recommended as you can rotate the JW or remove it. It is apt for campers and trailers with reduced or really high ground heavy duty jockey wheel clearance.

What you should never ever buy for a recreation use caravan is the vehicle pull back JW unless you desire it for commercial usage. Some vans are made use of at carnivals and also festivals to serve food out of and also in this situation it would be advised. In this case the deal with is wound to withdraw the wheel and fork to a travelling placement.

For the consumer who enquired about his busted JW? Well we would suggest the cog kind JW called power mover.

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A variant of this design is a swivel bracket which can be bolted to the drawbar or fitted using either u screws or bonded on is advised. The benefit of this, is that the JW be stored parallel to the drawbar which is fit for taking a trip. What you have to never ever buy for a leisure use campers is the vehicle withdraw JW unless you want it for commercial usage. In this instance the take care of is wound to retract the wheel and fork to a travelling setting.

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